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Monday, May 30, 2011

MAC 2011 summer collection Surf Baby!!!!

After MAC's 2011 summer collection Flighty made its not so anticipated debut , Surf Baby hit stores just in time to redeem MAC from its previous collection's (Flighty) downfall.These are some of the few items I chose from MAC's 2011 summer collection Surf Baby! have included some swatches just so you can all get some kind of idea of what these items look like not only through the packaging but on the actual skin as well!! As you can see everything except the stackable pigments came in the special surf baby collection boxes. Regardless, I love the color choices mac went for with this collection. Obviously Surf Baby is a summer themed collection so you would expect colors that are a representation of the summer season, and mac did a great job of doing that!! The e/s of this collection are also very pigmented, which is great because that is actually one of the first things a consumer looks for in an eyeshadow. i picked up (from left to right) sun blond , short shorts, and surf usa. I personally didnt feel the need to pick .up saffron (coral brown) or swell baby (mid-tone gray) because they were kinda similar to saddle (coral brown) and print (mid-tone gray) which are permanent MAC e/s that i already own. This next item is the Surf Baby My Paradise cheek powder which if i am not mistaking is sold out everywhere. I made sure to pick up two of these because of how popular I knew this item was going to be. I feel like this cheek powder compliments all skin tones very well. One thing i dont like about this product though is how the golden color is only an overlay and its not going to last forever. The Metallic Pigments were also very beautiful probably my most favorite thing from this collection. I picked up the metallic pigments in Surf the Ocean. I love the amount of product you receive in every container. These pigments are bound to last you a very long time. Comment below and let me know what products you picked up form this collection, your favorites, and your not so favorites as well as your overall impression of this collection!!


Cece L.

Friday, October 1, 2010

just for fun!

for my lid primer i like to use mac studio sculpt concealer

then your going to highlight your brow bone with all that glitters by mac

add lucky green by mac from the outter corner of the lid to a little past the center (make sure to lift the color a little bit above the crease near the outter corner.

next is the tricky part.......

add some aquadisiac by mac to the rest of the lid make sure to stay a way from the tear duct but do over lap the aquadisiac color withe the lucky green so they meet in the center

now add true gold by bare minerals to the duct and lower lash

blend to tie it all together and get a soft clean look...make sure to focus most of the blending in the center of the lid where the two colors were overlapped to give it a nice color transition!!!

and last but not least line top lash line with a brush using black track fluid line by mac wing it out and add some to only the outer corner of the bottom lash line but smudge inwards towards the tear duct to give it a soft blended look...and now coat lashes with mascara and curl

and your all donee =)